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ZONE Is New Algorand Based GameFi Platform

ZONE is a GameFi platform based on Algorand. It intends to push blockchain and DeFi gaming adoption to new heights. This page covers the essentials of ZONE, including its public testnet launch and the imminent mainnet launch.

There are numerous issues with the present DeFi gaming ecology. The following are a few of these issues:

  • Long waiting times
  • High transaction fees
  • Complicated UI/UX design
  • Most games are focused on making money and not on actual gameplay.

As previously said, ZONE is a community-driven GameFi platform that allows gamers to make money while playing games. The GameFi platform combines the rapidly growing DeFi market with the blockchain gaming market. As a result, GameFi was born.

The testnet for ZONE was also just deployed. This simply means that the GameFi platform is now available for public testing. Those who are interested will be able to play whatever game they choose while making money. Furthermore, the GameFi platform is built to allow any online game with an open API to be readily integrated. As a result, many games from various genres can be integrated more easily. This is also achievable in a DeFi environment that is both user-friendly and adaptable, thanks to ZONE. As a result, not only for ZONE, but for the entire blockchain gaming ecosystem, awareness and adoption will increase.

In the near future, ZONE intends to release a number of upgrades. These are some of them:

  • Zone Play
  • Zobo Bot
  • Zone NFTs, and
  • Zone Tokens

ZONE has now launched its public testnet. Interested parties will be able to try out the platform on the testnet. Players can customise the platform by adding their favourite online games.

The GameFi platform is based on the popular Algorand blockchain. Interested parties merely need to connect their wallets to the GameFi platform to gain access to the platform. Algorand’s testnet, on the other hand, has a tiny flaw. A maximum of 20 games can be played at the same time. It’s worth noting, though, that this constraint comes from the Algorand testnet, not ZONE. When it’s ready, the official mainnet version will be able to support an unlimited number of games at once.

Those who are interested in testing the GameFi platform are invited to do so. ZONE has an incentive programme in place to motivate as many people as possible. The first 1000 people who play a game on the new testnet, according to reports, will earn one ALGO token. When ZONE’s official mainnet is live, the token will be airdropped into the participant’s wallet. The mainnet launch will happen a few days after the public testnet launch.