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Zilliqa Launches Web 3.0 Gaming Console With Crypto Mining Capabilities

Zilliqa is developing a console that will allow users to mine cryptocurrencies while playing their favorite Web3 games.

A Layer 1 blockchain protocol called Zilliqa recently announced the release of a new Web3-focused video game console that will compete with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, but with a special twist.

The new console is made for gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, according to a statement from Zilliqa that was published by VentureBeat. It will have its own Game hub, a Web3 wallet, and crypto mining tools. Zilliqa will begin testing the gaming hub by the end of the month.

For the time being, Zilliqa has not revealed the console’s hardware specifications; however, based on the variety of ports shown in the photos (Headphone Jack, Ethernet, USB-C, USB 3.0, HDMI, among others), it is expected to be a competitive piece of hardware on par with its mainstream competitors.

Zilliqa’s head of gaming technology, Valentin Cobelea, said the company received a positive response from the public when it unveiled its first game at Gamescom. In addition to the device’s gaming capabilities, the team hopes to attract users’ attention with financial incentives, which will be a nice bonus for those looking to purchase it.

“Zilliqa’s hardware console and gaming hub will allow non-crypto natives to earn money while playing fun games without the complexity of managing the crypto they earn.”


Cobelea also stated that the console and gaming hub will be released in early 2023, once the company’s catalog is expanded. Zilliqa envisions itself as “the Steam equivalent for Web3 games.”

“With the backing of Zilliqa’s large crypto community and the easy-to-use infrastructure, we have no doubt that we can become the Steam equivalent for Web3 games.”

In 2021, blockchain gaming activity reportedly increased by more than 2000%, and despite the bearish times, some games have managed to have more than 300,000 active users, according to a recent Zilliqa report on Web3 games.

There is still a long way to go for these types of games to compete equally with those on Web 2, because players on Web 2 enter to have fun without regard for financial gain, whereas the vast majority of players on Web 3 enter to make money.