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Winners & Losers Of Crypto This Week

  • Let’s start with the top 3 cryptocurrency
  1. Bitcoin BTC: After falling 10% a week before, BTC saw 7% rise this week.
  2. Ethereum ETH: After the massive fall of 17% ETH gain 7% this week
  3. Cardano ADA: A bad week for cardano, it continues to fall -1% this week

    • Winners of the week
    1. Avalanche AVAX: Avalanche is the topper of the week with 51% gain this week.
    2. Ren: Ren is the runner up at the point of writing this with 50% gain this week
    3. Curve Dao Token CRV: It saw a gain of +37.5% this week and being the 2nd runner up

    • Losers of this week
    1. Solana SOL: As everybody was expecting a correction. SOL saw a fall of -17% this week.
    2. Arweave AR: AR also saw a fall of -17% this week and ties up with SOL.
    3. Revain REV: Loser of the last week again saw a fall of -14% this week.