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White House Adviser Says Joe Biden’s Government Is Mining Bitcoin

Whit Gibbs, a cryptocurrency expert and White House consultant, said that Joe Biden’s administration has been mining bitcoin. Gibbs, who also serves as the CEO of Compass Mining, made the announcement on Anthony Pompliano’s “Best Business Show” on Wednesday, December 1st.

The United States was mentioned by chance during a discussion on the countries that are now mining bitcoin. The conversation also discussed El Salvador’s mining efforts as well as the Venezuelan government’s mining activities.


When Pompliano asked Gibbs what the United States would need to begin mining operations for so-called digital gold, the interviewee responded unequivocally, “America is now booming,” but soon corrected himself, putting in the word “maybe” as a softer.

“They can have 10 to 20 watts running somewhere in the Midwest to test it. Maybe. It’s hypothetically speaking,”

casually stated the bitcoin mining specialist, before clarifying that the issue was one of national security.

Mining bitcoin, according to Gibbs, might assist developing countries to improve their living conditions. According to a US government advisor, El Salvador’s bitcoin plan will yield beneficial benefits within the next 20 to 30 years.


Pompliano raised the question of federal government bitcoin mining, stating that a federal agency was participating in bitcoin mining.

According to information provided to Pompliano by a former intelligence agent who did not reveal his identity, mining activities have been taking place in the United States since 2013.

Following that, the interviewer asked Gibbs if he had any other fantastic stories to share with his audience, to which the expert replied, smiling, “This is how you get in trouble.”

Meanwhile, influential Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has lobbied against a bitcoin mining company in New York because of its impact on climate change.

Warren is leading a drive to ban bitcoin mining in the United States. The senator told Greenidge Generation Holdings’ CEO, Jeff Kirt, of his concerns about the company’s practices in a letter.

Kirt, for his part, claims to be the first carbon-neutral Bitcoin miner in the United States. The entrepreneur owns a TBC mine in New York and intends to build another in South Carolina.

“Given the extraordinarily high energy use and carbon emissions associated with mining Bitcoin, mining operations at Greenidge and other plants raise concerns about their impacts on the global environment, local ecosystems, and the electricity costs of the country. consumer,”

Warren said in the letter, which was delivered on Thursday, February 2nd.