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Vitalik Is Either Delusional Or A Lying Scammer, According To A Bitcoin Developer

Vitalik Buterin is either insane or a lying charlatan, says Bitcoin engineer Peter Todd attacking Ethereum.

His fee is based on Ethereum’s scaling plans, which will necessitate the storage of around 85 terabytes each year. Todd’s attack is not his first; in 2019, he termed Ethereum an illegal seizure of Vitalik Buterin.


Despite the fact that Ethereum’s blockchain is already around three times larger than Bitcoin’s, ETH is just half as old as Bitcoin.

Peter Todd and Ethereum have a long history; in 2019, he said that the project was a hoax and that its founders lied about its potential, most likely alluding to scalability. Todd also addressed the pre-mining of Ethereum, in which a big portion of the tokens was meant for the creators.

Todd said back in 2019: “Sad to see the @internetarchive advertising such a scammy project. ETH is essentially a massive stock offering by a set of founders who lied about its capabilities. Better to stay out of advertising cryptocurrencies entirely if you can’t keep away from scammy behaviour.”


Todd called Ethereum devs fraudsters again in 2022, this time alluding directly to Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s leader.

Todd referred to Ethereum developers as “fraudsters” once more in 2022, this time referring to Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s founder.

Vitalik said: “If a user keeps buying a $100 hard drive per month, they can store it. On dedicated users who care, they can afford to store the chain, so 85 Terabytes per year is fine, it is not a big deal, but if you take that number higher, there will come the point when it starts causing problems.”

These plans, according to Todd, are unrealistic.“Not to mention, a $100 HD every month isn’t even the start. I need backups; I want to be able to work on it on my laptop; in the event of downtime, I want to easily and quickly test fixes, etc. Vitalik is either delusional or a lying scammer.”