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Visa Collaborates With 60 Cryptocurrency Platforms


According to Visa’s director of crypto, the payments giant has worked with approximately 60 prominent crypto platforms “to create card programmes that make it easy for users to convert and spend digital currency at 80 million merchant locations worldwide.” “We’ve established a lot of momentum in this field,” he said, “and we’ll continue to assist the crypto ecosystem in a variety of ways.”


Cuy Sheffield, Visa’s head of crypto, discussed the payments giant’s digital asset ambitions in an interview with NDTV published on Monday.

“The volume and scope of our work in crypto at Visa has risen substantially,” he began. “The number of people working on crypto in some form at Visa is now in the hundreds, up from a handful just a few years ago.” And in the last 18 months, we’ve more than increased our number of relationships with crypto platforms, reaching 60 now.” Sheffield expanded:

“We’ve partnered with more than 60 of the leading crypto platforms, like FTX, Blockfi,, Coinbase, and Binance, to launch card programs that make it easy for consumers to convert and spend digital currency at 80 million merchant locations worldwide.”


The CEO was questioned if Visa intends to start a cryptocurrency consultancy business in India. In early December, the firm announced the start of its crypto consulting services.

“Visa aims to provide our crypto advisory services to clients globally wherever there is interest, and currently, we offer services in markets where the regulations permit such transactions,” he replied.

According to Visa’s head of crypto,

“At the end of the day, we want to serve as a bridge connecting the crypto ecosystem with our global network of 80 million merchant locations and more than 15,000 financial institutions.”

“We’ve built a lot of momentum in this space, and we’ll continue to support the crypto ecosystem in several ways,” he concluded.