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TRX (VTRX) Is Now The Third Popular Cryptocurrency In Europe

On September 20, 2021, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, wrote an open message to the community announcing the imminent listing of TRX ETN in 14 EU countries, including Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.


The VanEck TRX ETN (VTRX) has been officially approved by Deutsche Börse Group and will be available for trading on Xetra on September 21, 2021, according to the letter.


VTRX will be registered as a compliant security in 14 countries, including Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, as a result of the German certification.

TRX (VTRX) is now the third popular cryptocurrency – after Bitcoin and Ether – to be listed on Europe’s regular financial market.

In 2012, Justin Sun brought blockchain as a “value network” to China, establishing himself as an early enthusiast and practitioner of blockchain. Later that year, he founded TRON.


TRON has created a full ecosystem that includes everything from underlying protocols and smart contracts to NFT and metadata storage, with over 54 million users and $50 billion in crypto assets worldwide.


Furthermore, with a circulating supply of up to $36 billion, the TRON-based USDT (TRC20-USDT) is now the world’s largest stablecoin in circulation, accounting for more than half of the worldwide market.


TRON also just announced a strategic cooperation with Valkyrie Investments to develop the Valkyrie TRON Trust. The initial amount of this trust is more than $50 million, and it hopes to go public in 2022 as the first institutional fund targeting TRON’s crypto ecosystem in the US.


In his most recent open letter to the community, Justin Sun also stated that BTTC, a layer 2 scaling and cross-chain solution, will be available on October 30, 2021.