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Tribe And The Algorand Foundation Join Forces To Promote Web3 Push In Asia

Tribe, a Singapore-based government-backed blockchain accelerator, has formed a strategic alliance with Algorand Foundation for a series of Web3 programmes in Asia. The collaboration will focus on three main initiatives: learn and earn, hackathons, and resources and assistance.

Developers will be introduced to Algorand’s Web3 solutions builder through Learn and Earn, with cash prizes up for grabs. In 2022, multiple hackathons will be held, and the two companies will collaborate to create a curated resource hub for learning materials.

According to Yi Ming Ng, co-founder and CEO of Tribe, the alliance plans to engage with 15,000 developers within the next 12 months. and “create more solutions that will lead to mass adoption and spur innovation in this space.”

“The Algorand Foundation wants to ensure we are creating a developer-centric ecosystem, and we believe that our partnership with Tribe will help support this goal as developers go on this journey with us,” Johanna Moran, the Algorand Foundation’s head of developer outreach programmes, agreed. It was created in 2019 and, through its ecosystem fund, supports Web3 organizations.


Tribe connects startups and IT professionals through three programmes: Tribe Academy for learning, Tribe Career for employment, and AngelHack for participation.