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Top 5 Crypto Exit Strategies

  • 1st Strategy – Sell at price targets

Set up some price targets by doing market research. And divide your investment selling targets between higher lows and higher highs.

For example, if you own 1 bitcoin. Divide it into 5 parts. If your price target is 110k. Sell 0.20 btc each at 90k, 100k, 110k, 120k and 130k.

  • 2nd Strategy – Dollar cost average out

Same way people DCA their way in. You can also DCA out. Spread your sales according to your price targets. You can divide your investment in 10 parts, and sell some every day, week or every month. This way you will sell everything in 10 days, weeks or months. Without fear of losing any more profits.

  • 3rd Strategy – Exit by Return %

When you buy a crypto, you should have a general idea about when you are going to sell it. For example, if you bought ADA at $1, you might have decided to sell it at $3 or $5 or $10 or even $100. Always fix these price targets to exit by return.

Write these targets down and stick to it. If you have made enough return, enjoy that money and use it while you are still alive. Do not believe in fomo posts talking about how Btc will be rich 100 million one day. You won’t be alive to see that day. Make sure you spend everything you have earned on yourself, not your grandchildren.

  •  4th – Exiting by Cycle

You can research bull cycles. And sell your holdings at the top of every cycle. Same way you can buy back in at the bottom of the cycle.

  •  5th – Exiting based on your goals.

When we get into crypto, the first thing we do is open the calculator app, and calculate how much money we are going to make with crypto. And how much money is enough to retire on. Some people dream about lambo, some dream about a new house, and some want to retire from working, just using their crypto investments.

When your portfolio reaches that amount which is necessary for your goals, Exit the market. And use that money for your goals. This strategy doesn’t work well for everyone, but it does help complete the goals you set.

To conclude, Do your own research. And be happy with the money you have made. Thank you for reading this.