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Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Of Jan 2021 And Top 100 Now

1- Changes in rankings and prices

Quite interesting, that the vast majority of coins were down in rank, but it doesn’t mean the price action had been disappointing. 71 coins still recorded an increase in price and only 23 were down.


Top 100 movements in price and rankings

Mildly interesting, there were 4 coins that retain the same rank (no move). Guess what, all of them are in the top 10:


But even in the top 10 itself, a lot of chaos had been observed. While all of the top 10 prices were up, it’s LUNA and SOL that witnessed the largest increase.

2 – Top movers

In addition to these two, we could see a handful of coins that rally at least 3x. Notable examples are DOGE, AVAX, BNB, QNT, NEAR, CRO, ATOM, LRC and ADA. Yes, it was $0.30 a year ago.


Furthermore, some coins weren’t part of top 100 back then, but now make it to the top. The first thing that comes to mind is the memecoin SHIB, and then a scalability solution (MATIC Polygon). Details are below.

3 – The newcomers

We could see the trend quite clearly, so FTM and ONE is L1 (though some say ONE could be acting as L2), MATIC could be considered L2. The Metaverse related would be MANA, AXS, SAND.


With the exception of ICP, which had rendered many people bag holders, the rest have had a big rally.

4 – The shakers

That said, not all is well in the crypto-verse. In a time span of just one year, some coins have lost their values. You could see many of them were ranked quite high one year ago, such as LTC (5th), BCH (6th), XLM (10th), BSV (13th), EOS (16th), XEM (18th), NEO (21th).


Top shakers

Overall, the global market cap for crypto still rose from $1.07T to $1.95T, which is around an 80% increase. Most coins have increased in value, but some were disappointing. The global market cap hit $2T not long after, then $3T in November 2021. That is just to say, so many things can happen in the crypto-verse, even in just one year!