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To Support The People Of Ukraine, A Mexican Football Club Is Selling A Bored Ape NFT

Necaxa, a Mexican Liga MX professional football team, will auction off its Bored Ape NFT and donate 100% of the money to organizations that assist Ukrainian refugees.

Necaxa one of the first big soccer teams to get on the NFT bandwagon, establishing the first NFT related to the ownership stake in a professional sports team. The Mexican club was also the first to join the Bored Ape Yacht Club, having purchased a one-of-a-kind Bored Ape for the team.

The squad, led by its Ukrainian owner, hopes to contribute to the suffering of refugees fleeing the war-torn country while also selling the NFT they’ve held since last year.

Sports teams, according to Al Tylis, the club’s owner, have a unique way of bringing people together and have a moral obligation to stand with the people of Ukraine and use their resources to alleviate the situation of its people.

Tylis was the CEO of the North Star Asset Management Group and presently owns the New Zealand Breakers and G2 Esports alongside Necaxa. He is originally from Donetsk, the capital of the disputed Donetsk Oblast.


Tylis stated in an interview with Sportico that he decided to donate the auction money in cryptocurrency rather than its USD counterpart. He thinks that the move would further galvanize the NFT community and draw the attention of other sports clubs to follow suit and contribute to helping Ukrainian refugees.

Bored Ape #7851 is expected to fetch around $300,000 at auction. The auction is running until March 20th on OpenSea, with the NFT listed for 80 WETH. At the time of publication, the highest bid was 85.01 WETH. Necaxa purchased the Ape in November of last year for 52.5 ETH, which is now worth roughly $140,000.

Regardless of the potential quantity of the donation, Tylis stated that he is aware of the limitations of donations in general.

β€œSitting back and watching while so many innocent people are suffering is just not something I can do. This is our small way of helping. Please consider how you can help as well,” he said.