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To Improve Transaction Speed, Cardano Is Increasing Block Size By 10%

The software corporation overseeing Cardano’s development, Input Output Global (IOG), has revealed that the mainnet’s block size is about to be increased by 10%.

IOG informed the Cardano community through Twitter a few hours ago that following the implementation, 8KB would be added to the existing 80KB to make the mainnet block size 88KB. The implementation is set to take place today, April 25th, at 20:20:00 UTC.

The block size increase, according to the report, is intended to improve the speed of transactions and the performance of decentralized apps (DApps) on the Cardano network.

“Before the weekend, an updated proposal was made to increase #Cardano mainnet block size by 8K. This change will take effect later today at the boundary of epoch 335, Monday 25th April @ UTC 20:20:00. The current block size is 80KB, and after this change, it will be 88KB,” IOG tweeted.