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This Electric Car Helps in Crypto Mining

Spiritus, an electric vehicle manufactured by Light Electric vehicle maker Daymak, mined $350 in bitcoin in a month.

According to a statement issued on Friday, the car’s mining revenues may considerably offset its monthly payments, “making Daymak Spiritus one of the most inexpensive electric vehicles in history.”


The vehicle mines and manages Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC), Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE), Ether (CRYPTO: ETH), and other digital assets using the firm’s Nebula cryptocurrency platform.


The business used a dedicated website to live-stream its Spiritus prototype and its real-time mining earnings, which revealed an average of $11.83 in daily revenues as the automobile made more than $350 at the end of the month.


Aldo Baiocchi, Daymak’s president, believes that crypto is the way of the future, and that the car is already available for preorder for a variety of cryptos, and that the business is in talks with partners to enable for crypto financing ahead of the car’s 2023 debut.


According to Baiocchi, the average commuter car sits idle for 23 hours a day and depreciates, implying that having the car work when idle is a method to balance costs and prevent it from depreciating.


The “Nebula Miner is anticipated to offset or perhaps totally cover the monthly leasing cost, making it the most inexpensive electric automobile ever,” according to him.