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Thinking About Making An Investment In The Metaverse? Your Best Bet Is To Stick With Ethereum

Lately, the metaverse is very trendy, but they are still games at the end of the day, and the gaming industry has its risks.


Here are a few examples:

  • Cyberpunk 2077: Many years of development, insane hype and news sites being paid to say the alpha (or beta) was good. Then it launched and it had tons of bugs and missing features. CD Projekt’s stock price tanked -60%. Still have not recovered.
  •  No Man’s Sky: Lots of promises and little delivery on those promises on launch.
  • Fallout 76. Big disappointment of a game and poor sales compared to Fallout 4 (previous game of the franchise), 2.46M compared to 13.5M. It’s important to note that even big companies can fail to deliver; in this case Bethesda.

The list goes on…

Basically in the gaming industry you can have a game that has a bunch of hype, the alpha and beta look good and there are lots of people talking good about it and then at launch it fails to meet the high expectations. The stock tanks. With the metaverse it’s the same, they are currently only games after all.

So which metaverse should you choose so you’ll get a 10x gain instead of a 10x loss? I don’t know, but I can tell you what they all have in common: They are all built on the Ethereum blockchain.

If the metaverse concept pops off, you will see benefits in Ethereum as well with none of the risks. Players will be paying ETH gas, thus, burning ETH. ETH price will rise.

With so many metaverses built on-top of Ethereum, we can confirm that Ethereum has intrinsic value rather than speculative value, unlike Bitcoin. It is more than just a currency, so you don’t have to worry if Ethereum will drop to zero the next day. It is now “too big to fail”. If ETH fails, everything built on-top of ETH will fail. The metaverse creators won’t let that happen.

Even without hype, every metaverse that pops off will inevitably increase ETH price through gas fees. I predict players will migrate through multiple hyped metaverses before settling on the final metaverse that emerges as the victor of them all. Along the way, many metaverses will be shut down or fade into obscurity. Save yourself the risk and stick with Ethereum.