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The Most Expensive NFT Sold In The Sandbox For $650,000.

A giant yacht just sold for about $650,000, making it the most valuable non-fungible token ever sold in the virtual gaming environment of The Sandbox.


According to etherscan, the Metaflower Super Mega Yacht was purchased for 149 ether. It is billed as an ultra-luxurious megayacht with features such as a DJ booth, two helipads, and a hot tub. The first to report was HypeBeast.

Republic Realm, a metaverse developer, released the digital asset for The Fantasy Collection range of luxury NFTs developed for The Sandbox. Private islands, jet skis, and speedboats are examples of luxury products.

The Sandbox is a virtual world in which people may create, own, and monetize gaming experiences.

According to the white paper, players can generate digital assets such as NFTs and upload them to the marketplace. Those who possess sand, the network’s main utility currency, can participate in platform governance through a decentralised autonomous organisation, or DAO.


The sale of high-end items in the metaverse, a new three-dimensional incarnation of the internet, has recently made the news.

In November, a block of digital land in Decentraland, a virtual environment, was sold for $2.43 million โ€“ a substantial sum that outstripped the prices of most properties in New York City and San Francisco.

A day later, another block of digital land in Axie Infinity, another virtual world, sold for $2.3 million.

The sales continue to demonstrate how much investors are ready to spend to secure their lots before the metaverse becomes widespread.

The surge in interest has also spurred sharp increases in the value of cryptocurrencies tied to the virtual world, ranging from Decentraland’s mana token to Sandbox’s sand currency.