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The Best Ways To Free Earn Crypto


These are all methods of how to “earn” crypto, rather than buy it. This means that none of this comes at any monetary cost to many of these are well worth your time to take advantage of.


I think most of us, if not all of us know what Moons are. It’s literally free crypto. I would say I do my fair share of shitposting with some actual quality content thrown in there but who doesn’t? Hell, it’s half the reason I’m making this post.

Brave Browser:

This is another popular one among this sub but for those who don’t know, Brave is an open-source Browser built on Chromium that rewards its users in BAT to view small ads within the browser. Being built on Chromium, its UI is identical to Chrome but Brave comes with some other features including a built-in ad-blocker. I tend to make between 5-10 BAT per month and could not be happier with Brave.


I don’t think Presearch is quite as popular as Brave but it’s basically a search engine that rewards you with the PRE token for using it. The amount you’re rewarded with tends to be higher as the price of PRE decreases and lower when the price of PRE increases but I tend to get 0.05-0.12 PRE per search. However, one thing to make note of is there is a maximum amount of paid searches per day of 30 and you need a minimum of 1000 tokens to cash out. I have used it for about 4 months and have accumulated ~100 PRE. It is slow earning but I have no complaints.

Coin Hunt World:

There are a lot of crypto games out there but my favorite is Coin Hunt World. It is a free-to-play play-to-earn mobile game in which users explore their real-world area to search for keys to open vaults; think Pokemon Go but for crypto. When opening a vault, you are presented with a trivia question and if answered correctly, you are awarded a small amount of BTC or ETH.

I especially like this game for college students because college campuses are full of keys and vaults and it’s easy to earn a little crypto on your way to class. Coin Hunt World is in Beta on iOS and fully released on Android. The game is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, El Salvador, and is coming to the Philippines in the near future.


As a broke college student, I don’t have the money to go buy an expensive mining rig so I want to emphasize that this section is about utilizing what you already have available to you. This brings me to [email protected]

[email protected] is a distributed computing project where users can use their computer power to simulate protein folding to contribute to scientific research for a number of diseases including Covid-19, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, and more. To encourage people to participate, a number of cryptocurrencies award users based on how many “points” they earn by completing folding projects. The most popular of these cryptocurrencies is Banano (BAN).

Obviously, the better computer specs you have, the faster you will complete folding projects and the quicker you will earn crypto but by no means do you need very new and expensive computer hardware to participate. The earnings aren’t huge, I tend to earn between 10-20 BAN per night but it does contribute towards a good cause.

I will also say that this method may not be for everyone as it requires some level of computer hardware, electricity usage, and the installation of the [email protected] client.

GAIN.GG and Gamermine:

I will touch on more GPT sites in the next section but I wanted to include GAIN.GG and Gamermine here. These two sites are like most GPT sites in that the offers don’t pay very well but what differentiates them is the daily reward offers.

Both of these sites offer a daily reward, but in the beginning, it is quite low ($0.01/day). However, as you complete offers, you can level up your account which then increases the amount of your daily reward. GAIN.GG has a maximum account level of 100 and a maximum daily reward of $0.10/day but Gamermine’s daily reward appears to be higher. I currently claim daily rewards of $0.10/day from GAIN.GG and $0.15/day from Gamermine.

These earnings aren’t huge but they are consistent drops in the bucket for only clicking a few buttons every day.