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The Banano Ecosystem Quixplained


BANANO (BAN) is a NANO (XNO) fork. It uses the Block Lattice (Lettuce) DAG architecture. The nitty gritty can be found in their official Yellow Paper. This post isn’t to speak about Banano but to present to you all what a meme coin with a cool community can achieve. Their ecosystem is frankly incredible.

1- Reddit, Discord and Telegram.

Banano has devoted communities in Reddit, Discord and Telegram. Full disclaimer, I’m not in the Telegram so I won’t be presenting it here.

1-a The Subreddit

The Subreddit for Banano is more or less filled with people making memes about Banano and people throwing some Banano at them. As a meme coin, Banano is massively used to tip people. Frankly a cool place to stay.

1-b The Discord

The Discord for Banano is an incredible place. This is where a lot of distribution occurs and there are often events.

Some of the recent events: A Bingo with Banano price A competition of the coolest christmas tree A competition to share the best Christmas meal and recipe

2- The Daily Peel, and the Banano Wiki

To learn about Banano you have three main places

2-a The Daily Peel

The Daily Peel is a journal with the latest event in the Ecosystem. It is managed by the community and is translated in multiple languages.


This is the website of Banano, it is the place to start to learn about Banano.

2-c The Banano Wiki

The Banano wiki is a fan managed Wiki currently under construction to make all the Banano info easy to catch.

3- Jungle TV, Folding @ Home and WBAN

These three are very important parts of the Banano Ecosystem. Disclaimer: I don’t know much about Wban

3-a JungleTV

Jungle TV is a kind of user sponsored faucet in which people share videos.

3-b [email protected]

[email protected] is a software which allows you to help medical research. The cool thing is you can get rewards in cryptocurrencies ! The pay off isn’t worth the energy cost but this is very cool and you can have rewards in Banano.

3-c WAN

Wrapped Banano is a working Banano on Matic chain but I don’t really know about it.

Extras: CryptomonKeys and Monkey Stacks

These are cool NFTs who are freely distributed through discord and Jungle TV events. They look good and some sell for a pretty penny.