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Tezos Is Chosen By EQIFI To Expand Its DeFi Offerings.

Tezos has been chosen by EQIFI to expand the premier digital bank’s DeFi products. They have just launched new products to assist the Tezos blockchain ecosystem.


Tezos is classified by the bank as a premier Proof of Stake network with time-tested on-chain governance, an active DeFi ecosystem, and a global community of inventors. EQIFI also intends to lead the DeFi space as the world’s first seamless gateway to decentralised finance with its innovative solutions.

EQIFI will also provide Tezos staking and borrowing services to its global customer base in order to put this plan into effect. As a result, EQIFI functions as a community-focused, decentralised standard via its native EQX coin. This is intended to allow members of the community to provide feedback on decisions such as asset listing and delisting. They also have a say in setting interest rates based on market conditions and changing collateral limits.

Jason Blick, Chairman of EQIFI, added to the statement :


“A product offering with an industry leader such as Tezos signifies the bar EQIFI is setting in the DeFi space. Providing exposure to Tezos holders for staking and borrowing is just the next step in positioning EQIFI to become an industry leader.”