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Tether Users Can Travel To The Maldives Using USDT On

Travala, the world’s premier blockchain-based travel booking platform, continues to add more travel utility to its platform. In a tweet today, the Travala team informed Tether lovers that they may now plan a dream trip to the Maldives with USDT.


Tether’s USDT, in particular, allows passengers to book flights and over-the-water cottages. Not to mention, offers activities such as snorkelling, boat excursions, tours, and much more.


Furthermore, Tether (USDT) is a stablecoin that tries to stabilise cryptocurrency prices. The amount of USDT tokens in circulation is proportionate to the amount of US dollars. Meanwhile, Travala’s native token is AVA. AVA is a Binance Chain-based BEP-2 token.


Additionally, Travala allows people from all over the world to book and discover various travel possibilities. Travala offers credit card, debit card, and cryptocurrency payment methods. AVA’s current price is $3.1 and it has a market worth of $164,608,058.

Travala combines travel bookings with the spirit of decentralised technology in order to promote accessibility to anyone and anywhere. Tourists using AVA may easily obtain discounts, loyalty incentives, and other packages on the network.


Finally, Travala has positioned itself as a company that delivers transparency and innovation to the travel sector since its establishment in 2017. Furthermore, provide improved security and effective stakeholder contact.


Lastly, the AVA token has increased by 3.35 percent in the last 24 hours. At press time, Travala’s circulating supply was 52,923,082 AVA, with a total supply of 61,383,832 AVA.