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Tencent Music entering in NFT market

Tencent Music’s NFT (Non-Fungible Token) crypto art platform “TME Digital Collection” is set to launch in August, according to sources, while QQ Music is now in closed beta. The platform will leverage blockchain technology to provide customers with virtual digital collections, and this technology may be used in the future in digital albums and limited peripheral products.


If the rumours are true, QQ Music will be the first Chinese music platform to release digital collections NFT, and the platform technology will most likely be used in a variety of Tencent Music products at the same time.


According to Chinese media, NFT encrypted art platform service “TME digital collection” will launch in August, with QQ Music already conducting internal tests.


According to the source, the platform would provide customers virtual digital collections based on blockchain technology, which might be used in digital albums and limited peripheral products in the future.