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Spruce’s Vision Has Been Supported By The Ethereum Foundation.

The Ethereum Foundation (EF) and the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) have supported a suggested solution from Spruce, a decentralised identity software business, that allows for secure sign-in with Ethereum..


After EF and ENS issued a Request for Proposals in July, seeking developers and software organisations to create a sign-in package that used Oauth, an open standard for access delegation, Spruce’s approach was chosen.


According to a Sept. 13 public statement, the company seeks to give people control over their online identities, providing an alternative to turning over personal data to companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook.

According to Spruce, the Ethereum ecosystem, “already has tens of millions of monthly active wallet users signing with their cryptographic keys for financial transactions, community governance, and more,” He further added “The security of these wallets has been proven across billions of dollars of digital assets at stake — not theoretical security, but real tests in production. These secure wallets can also be used to sign in to Web2 services.”


Spruce will collaborate closely with ENS and the Ethereum Foundation to guarantee that their solution is compliant with existing Ethereum ecosystem standards, underlining the importance of this.


Spruce noted that work on a best-practices survey, user research, specification draughts, and reference implementation had already begun.