Bobos & Wojaks

Get rich or die tryin

Some Basic Crypto Abbreviations

AMA – Ask me anything

APY – Annual percentage yield

ATH – All time high

ATL – All time low

BHSL – Buy high, sell low

BTFD – Buy the fucking dip

CMC – Coin market cap

DAO – decentralized autonomous organization

DCA – Dollar cost average

DeFi – Decentralised Finance

DEX – decentralized exchange

DYOR – Do your own research

FOMO – Fear of missing out

FUD – fear, uncertainty, doubt

HODL – Hold in for dear life

ICO – Initial coin offering

IDO – Initial Dex Offering

LAMBO – Lamborghini

LP – Liquidity Pool

PoA – Proof of Authority

PoS – Proof of stake

PoW – Proof of work

ROI – Return on investment

Sat – Satoshi

TA – Technical Analysis