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Sell Everything Crypto Is Finished, For Real This Time | Reddit Stories


This is a rant redditor wrote on r/cryptocurrency after crypto fall.

What’s that? A 50% drop? More like a highway to hell. You’re new to crypto, you look around you and everyone says to calm down, crypto has seen much worse.

But you weren’t there, how do you even know that’s true if you haven’t felt it or experienced it yourself? As a rational man, you can’t just take someone else’s word for it. You need to see it for yourself.

And that’s perfectly fine – at the end of the day – what do these people that have been into crypto for over 10 years know, that you weren’t able to learn in the 9 months where you dedicated significant brainpower to it?

Surely 9 months of exposure to the crypto market is plenty to draw your own conclusions and discard the past and friendly advice? 9 months is enough to give birth to an actual human! And crypto is supposed to move fast.


You got this chief, that hunch, that gut feeling, that inner voice saying “cut your losses we’re going down” is right. At the end of the day insight comes from the inside right?

Don’t ignore that voice. Look at what happened to UST – dead in a day. Bitcoin could be next. What’s that? Bitcoin survived multiple 80% drops?

Na, forget all that, this time it’s real. You can feel it, because YOU’RE there. Abandon ship.