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Samsung Expands Its Metaverse Capabilities Using Decentraland (MANA)


Samsung introduced a new function that allows customers to virtually attend quests or live music events. Samsung 837X is the company’s new metaverse experience, which is modelled around the company’s physical flagship site in New York.

The Korean company defined the feature as an “immersive universe that may be explored virtually” in a January 6 statement. According to Samsung, the 837X is an “experiential playground for users to discover the incredible possibilities when technology and culture intersect.”


Fans interested in taking advantage of the offer must first visit Decentraland, a popular virtual reality network based on the Ethereum blockchain.

“Best of all, you can earn NFT badges and exclusive, limited-supply collections of Samsung Decentraland wearables to customize your avatars,” the company explained.

For a short time, Samsung 837X will be available in Decentraland. The company plans to expand the experience to more people in 2022 by adopting a multiverse approach on additional platforms. Michelle Crossan-Matos, Samsung Electronics America’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications, shed more information on the initiative:

“At Samsung 837X, we’re excited to tell our connectivity, sustainability, and customization stories in a novel way, in a one-of-a-kind space. Metaverse empowers us to transcend physical and spatial limits to create unique virtual experiences that could not happen otherwise. Innovation is in our DNA, and we can’t wait for you all to experience this burgeoning virtual world.”


The Korean business declared its plans to join the non-fungible token bandwagon a few days ago. Samsung will begin integrating a new “NFT Aggregation Platform” on its smart TVs this year to achieve that goal. Users will be able to acquire digital collectibles directly from the TV sets, which will be available on the following models: MicroLed, Neo QLED, and The Frame. If the company completes its mission, it will be the first company in its field to do so.

Recently, the technological behemoth has been very active in the bitcoin industry. It teamed with Veritree, a Cardano-powered blockchain platform, earlier this week to tackle the negative effects of climate change.

Following the development, Samsung pledged to organise the growth of more than two million trees on Madagascar’s territory by the end of the first quarter of 2022. Mark Newton, the company’s Managing Director, commented on the situation:

“Investing in tech innovations, such as those that create efficiency improvements and minimize waste, in combination with nature-based solutions, are vital in the fight against climate change.”