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Robert Kiyosaki Encourages Investors to Invest in Cryptocurrency Now, Before the Worst Economic Crash in World History


Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, reportedly told his “Rich Dad Community” mailing list subscribers on Sunday that they should invest in cryptocurrency now before the biggest crash in world history occurs.

Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter co-wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad in 1997. It has spent over six years on the New York Times Best Seller List. More than 32 million copies of the book have been sold in more than 51 languages and 109 countries.

Kiyosaki wrote to his mailing list subscribers, reiterating his dire predictions:“I predict the biggest crash in world history is coming.”

Even though the renowned author foresaw a protracted downturn, he emphasized that bear markets are the best opportunities for investors to become wealthy because everything will be marked down. The famous author explained that asset prices are collapsing and he is in a “cash position waiting to pick up bargains, especially in real estate and bitcoin,” echoing his tweet from July in which he stated that his favorite four-letter word is “sale.”

Kiyosaki also warned that the US dollar is collapsing, which will lead to widespread acceptance of non-government-controlled cryptocurrencies. He repeatedly stated that he does not trust the government, President Joe Biden, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve, and Fed Chair Jerome Powell, noting that the Federal Reserve and the Treasury are destroying the US dollar. He also does not have faith in Wall Street.


The author emphasized,“It’s not enough to WANT to get into crypto … Now is the time you NEED to get into crypto, before the biggest economic crash in history.”

Kiyosaki also frequently tweeted his forecasts and investment advice..

He tweeted on Tuesday that it is “time for [the] poor to get rich,” citing the collapse of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and real estate. He noted that, as he predicted, the middle class is being wiped out. His most recent tweet is similar to one he sent in August, warning that all markets are collapsing. He also predicted that the silver and bitcoin markets would crash at the time.

Kiyosaki has long recommended bitcoin to investors, stating that he is waiting for the cryptocurrency’s price to bottom out before investing. He stated in July that he was in a cash position and ready to purchase BTC after revealing that he was waiting for it to reach $1,100.

In addition to Bitcoin, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad has suggested gold and silver. He also stated in August that he changed his mind about purchasing 2-year US Treasury bonds after listening to economist Harry Dent. “I don’t invest in things printed by the Fed or Wall Street,” he admitted. “It’s time to broaden my horizons.”

He tweeted: “Silver moving sidewards. Silver to stay at $20 for 3-5 years, then climb to $100 to $500. Everyone can afford silver, even [the] poor. Accumulate silver now.” Kiyosaki previously called silver the best investment value today.