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Reddit Has Integrated Ethereum NFTs Across Its Global Platform

According to claims in the media, Reddit, the world’s largest social network, has finished the preliminary phases of integrating NFT on its site. According to TrustNodes, four NFT works were auctioned off for $ 400,000 a piece.

Cryptosnooze is an NFT collection that showcases the contrasting movements of extraterrestrial mascot Snoo based on various art historical contexts. The NFTs that were auctioned on Reddit are fragmentary, impressionistic, and abstracted, according to experts, and have the potential to appeal to fans of future and postmodern art.

At the moment, Reddit users will not be allowed to customize their avatars, even for the four NFTs that have been auctioned. Instead, Metamask assists users in doing their NFT art assessments using the NFT or Jpeg format of their choice. Due to the paucity of NFTs, these highly anticipated art forms have been quickly auctioned. It is regarded as a watershed moment in major social media networks’ embrace of NFT monetization.


The integration occurred for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is that the platform is attempting to embrace more prominent designs than the previous ones.

Market experts, on the other hand, warned that making Ethereum users’ addresses public could be dangerous. It’s a privacy issue because the value and type of an individual’s transactions can be easily traced on public domains.

Platforms like OpenSea alleviate this issue by only displaying an individual’s blockchain address via the criteria of username and account. This excellent privacy feature should be incorporated by Reddit as soon as possible. Following in the footsteps of Reddit, Twitter is implementing policy modifications to enable NFT auctioning on its platform.