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Port Aventura In Spain Will Be The First Amusement Park To Accept Bitcoin Payments.

PortAventura World, a Spanish amusement and leisure park, would be the first in its field to offer bitcoin payments to its customers. The initiative would begin the following season and would allow crypto settlements at the resort’s hotels at first.


According to a public statement, PortAventura World, a popular theme and leisure park, is developing software that will add a new cryptocurrency option for its customers. Guests of the resort’s hotels will be able to pay for their accommodations in bitcoin beginning in January 2022.

PortAventura World’s Managing Director, David Garca Blancas, stated that the company strives to keep up with the latest trends and the growing demand for cryptocurrency options. As a result, he expressed optimism that the initiative would succeed.


PortAventura is one of Europe’s largest entertainment resorts, located in Catalonia, Spain. It also has six hotels with a total of 2,300 rooms, in addition to attractions such as an aqua park and a “Ferrari Land.” People who want to pay in BTC can do so at the reception desks.

While PortAventura would be the first theme park to join the bandwagon, its hotels would not be the first to accept digital assets.

Besides bitcoin, the company, which has offices in exotic locations like Bali, the Himalayas, Thailand, and Mongolia, has added over 40 other cryptocurrencies, including ether.