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Porsche Made €80,000 in NFT

Porsche has sold a graphic design by chief outside designer Peter Farge as a non-expendable token (NFT) for €80,000

A non-fungible coin (NFT) worth 30.25 Ethereum was auctioned off as an exclusive design drawing by principal outside designer Peter Varga. This came to around 80 thousand euros at the end of the auction.


Collectors and Porsche lovers have the option to bid on the drawing on the American SuperRare site between August 2 and 6, 2021. Highlight: It’s available as a digital and physical product, with all sales going to the non-profit Viva con Agua. The sports car manufacturer’s initial NFT activity was funded by Porsche Digital and the technology firm Fan station, and it has just emerged as the NFT platform for digital business cards.


“With the NFT effort, we wanted to see how well a similar offer is received by the crypto community and what sort of response we can produce with it,” he explained. Sandra Meyer Denzel, project manager at Porsche Germany. “We are really pleased with the outcome and glad to be able to donate such a significant donation to Viva with Agua.”


Lars Kramer, Director of Sales Innovation at Porsche and co-founder of the project adds: “The initiative to sell a non-fungible token was implemented in a similar way to Porsche in a very short time in a multidisciplinary team.


As a result, we’re pleased with the outcome and eager to learn more about NFT and digital art for future Porsche innovation projects.”


The auction is a fantastic Porsche marketing campaign. Caroline Stodman, general manager of Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e, adds, “We are really pleased with the donation and the money the infographic brought in.” “We assist water projects with the money, and as a result, we can enhance the living conditions of a few thousand people.” Because, as the saying goes, “Water is Life!”


NFTs are a type of cryptocurrency that is based on blockchain technology and refers to a specific asset. As a result, NFT denotes a single element’s numerical property. A virtual wallet can be used to store, sell, and exchange digital goods. NFT has primarily been applied in the fields of cryptography and digital collections to date.