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PayPal To Expand Crypto Trading Services In The UK

PayPal, the global payments company, wants to begin trade services in the United Kingdom as soon as next month as part of its development plans. During the company’s second-quarter earnings call on Wednesday, crypto trading was stated to be exceptional. PayPal CEO Dan Schulman declared that the UK would be the next region to expand its crypto services:



“Yeah, well, we continue to be really pleased with the momentum we’re seeing on crypto. We’re going to launch, hopefully, maybe even next month in the UK, and open up trading there.”


During PayPal’s Q2 earnings call on Wednesday, CEO Dan Schulman discussed how Venmo propelled the company’s phenomenal Q2 growth and how he expects crypto adoption to continue on Venmo.


CEO Dan Schulman said, “We’re also seeing strong adoption and trading of crypto on Venmo. In this quarter, we expanded the Venmo value proposition to allow merchants and consumers to pay for goods and services and receive buyer and seller protections for commerce transactions.”


Despite the fact that the discussion did not specifically reference Bitcoin, Schulman stated that the business is adding capabilities to its Venmo crypto services, which, if introduced in the United Kingdom, could allow thousands of people to obtain Bitcoin price exposure.