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Palm Has Released The Batman Cowl Collection NFTs


DC’s engagement with Palm NFT Studio for the DC FanDome streaming event last fall was only the beginning of the comic book giant’s NFT ambitions. The firms announced today that Batman-themed NFTs will be released in April, with two years of promised advantages.

The Bat Cowl Collection, which will debut on April 26, will include 200,000 NFTs, each showing a 3D replica of the superhero’s famous mask, or cowl. Each NFT will be one-of-a-kind, drawing inspiration from Batman’s 83-year comic book history and showcasing a variety of colours, styles, and mask shapes. Each NFT will set you back $300.

An NFT functions similarly to a blockchain-backed receipt in proving ownership of a digital item. The Bat Cowl NFTs will be issued on Palm, an Ethereum sidechain scaling solution that makes transactions faster, cheaper, and more energy-efficient than on the Ethereum mainnet.

The image associated with the NFT, like many other initiatives today, is only one component of the entire value proposition. In this example, DC has guaranteed holders a two-year roadmap of numerous features, advantages, and services.


Holders of Bat Cowl NFTs will have access to a special fan forum on the DC Universe website, as well as fan events, physical collectibles, exclusive products, and behind-the-scenes stuff. In addition, DC intends to expand the feature set through “metaverse integrations” and augmented reality experiences.