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One In Every Six Australians Owns Cryptocurrency.

According to a recent survey published on September 2 by finance specialists Finder, one in every six Australians owns cryptocurrency.


The findings are based on data from the Finders Consumer Sentiment Tracker, which examines cryptocurrency ownership in Australia to determine why people invest in digital assets and the trends that will impact the future of crypto and the country’s financial landscape in general.

Furthermore, men are twice as likely as women to hold bitcoin, despite the fact that the percentage of women who own cryptocurrency has increased from 7% in January to 11% in June. In contrast, the percentage of men who claim to hold cryptocurrency has dropped from 29% to 23%. In total, approximately 17% own cryptocurrency, with another 13% planning to purchase it within the next year.


Also, Finder observed that in a nationally representative poll, 56 percent of Australians believed that tech millionaire Elon Musk invented Bitcoin.


With 9 percent of Australian crypto investors owning it, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, followed by Ethereum (ETH) (8 percent), Dogecoin (DOGE) (5 percent), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) (4 percent ).


According to Finder research, nearly 31 percent of Gen Z Australians (those aged 24 and under) own bitcoin, a figure that has more than doubled since January. However, among other generations, the number of people who own digital currencies has decreased.


James Edwards, Finder’s crypto specialist, projected that Gen Z’s behaviour would eventually phase out traditional finance.