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Old vs New Cryptocurrencies Performance Comparisons

We are defining cryptocurrency to be old vs new based on whether it went through the 2017/18 alt run. So any project that went through this massive uprise (and subsequent fall) was considered to be old. And any other projects that came after February 2018 to be new.


After that, the current top 50 lists to see which of the projects had the best performance this year, excluding stablecoins.

Top 10 performers:

  1. SHIBA: too high of a percentage (new)
  2. AXS: +24712% (new)
  3. SAND: +18592% (new)
  4. FTM: +13076% (new)
  5. SOL: +9912% (new)
  6. MATIC: +8308% (new)
  7. LUNA: +6100% (new)
  8. MANA: +5476% (old)
  9. AVAX: +3327% (new)
  10. HNT: +3249% (new)

So you see that the 9 out of the top 10 performing projects came after the 2017/18 run. What about the 10 worst performers?

  1. ICP: -90% (new)
  2. LTC: +31% (old)
  3. BCH: +34% (old)
  4. EOS: +48% (old)
  5. BTC: +71% (old)
  6. XMR: +75% (old)
  7. FLOW: +85% (new)
  8. LINK: +92% (old)
  9. XTZ: +131% (old)
  10. FIL: +135% (old)

You can see that 8 out of the worst 10 projects came before the 2017/18 run.


Altogether, there were 20 cryptocurrencies that came after the 2017/18 run (SHIBA’s percentage the same as AXS for this analysis). Their average return is 5831%. What about the 23 cryptocurrencies that came before the 2017/18 run? 702%. That is quite the difference.

So what is the takeaway message here? In general, alts that are relatively new have a better chance of running in the bull market because early investors (a.k.a. whales) “let” them run by loosening up the sell pressure in these bull markets. However, once it goes through one bull/bear cycle, there is so much past volume with bag holders that it becomes much more difficult to run in the next bill cycle. So with alts, it’s less about holding and more about updating to new and shinier toys when the next bull cycle comes. It seems that there are a lot of people who are holding mostly alts from 2017/18 that are frustrated right now. And similarly, in the year 2024/25, there will be a lot of people who will be frustrated by holding alts from 2020/21 when better projects come along.