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NFL Star OBJ Joined A Growing List Of Elite Sportsmen Who Want To Be Paid In Bitcoin

Odell Beckham Jr., also known as OBJ in the NFL, has joined a growing list of elite sportsmen who want to be paid in bitcoin. OBJ has teamed up with Square’s Cash App to accept his new payment in bitcoin. After being released by the Cleveland Browns, the famous athlete just signed a one-year contract with the Los Angeles Rams.


OBJ has volunteered to distribute $1 million in bitcoin to his Twitter followers in order to honour the Cash App transaction and encourage widespread usage. Thousands of people retweeted, liked, and commented on his news, with several in the cryptocurrency community congratulating him on joining the team.

OBJ is the most recent NFL athlete to embrace bitcoin, but he won’t be the last. The craze is spreading like wildfire. Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, just teamed with Cash App to be paid in bitcoin. Rodgers stated that he would accept bitcoin for “a part” of his income. OBJ’s declaration skips directly to the crypto chase and makes no mention of partial payment, implying that he will be paid in BTC in full.

Free agency in the NFL Russell Okung was a pioneer in the field of bitcoin payment. Last year, he received half of his $13 million paychecks in bitcoin from the Carolina Panthers. Even longer had the repeat pro-bowler pushed for it.