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Neymar jr. Launching His Own NFT


Neymar Jr., a world-famous football player, has more than 165 million Instagram followers and more than 55 million Twitter followers. Fans all around the world have been mesmerised by Neymar Jr. ‘s every move, whether in Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1 or Brazil national team matches.


Neymar Jr. will collaborate with NFTSTAR’s world-class creative team and artists to create digital collections, including video, animation, and other digital artworks, that will document the highlights of his career and personal development. On the NFTSTAR platform, his digital collectibles will be available in limited quantities. Each NFT collectible has its own blockchain record, and users can acquire ownership of these unique NFT collectibles by purchasing them on the platform or exchanging them on NFTSTAR’s marketplace. NFTSTAR will accept a variety of payment options, including credit cards, to allow individuals from all around the world to join.


The NFTSTAR community platform will feature superstars from a variety of sectors, such as sports, entertainment, art, and personalities from many businesses. Through superstars’ NFT collections, trading, and community involvement, the NFTSTAR community platform seeks to build a substantial portal to the future metaverse.

The9 aspires to be a global, diversified high-tech Internet corporation, and is involved in blockchain projects such as cryptocurrency mining and the NFTSTAR Non-Fungible Token platform.