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New Standards For NFT Security And File Storage Set By Next-generation Web 3.0 Startup

Critics who were dubious of Web 3.0 and decentralized finance were changed by the 2020 DeFi surge. It is becoming clear that Web 3 and its numerous applications, which span a wide range of industries including finance (DeFi), sports, gaming, and even the music industry, are well-positioned to be considered the internet’s future. Decentralization, which contributes to providing a better security structure for platforms, is one of the causes behind Web 3’s rise. The e-validation industry appears to be the next to require the security structure that Web 3 provides.

Decentralized systems appear to be the solution to the weaknesses in the security and privacy of Web 2.0 platforms, which are now the sole option for storing and securing legal documents. A decentralized solution can help by providing additional security and validation features while maintaining a chain of custody for all legal proceedings and documents. In this post, we’ll look at Kwiktrust, a next-generation blockchain e-validation platform that offers legal protection as well as provenance.


Kwiktrust is the home of the SuperNFT, a groundbreaking blockchain-powered solution for file validation and due diligence that provides provenance and legal protection. The blockchain platform’s goal is to establish a new standard for signing and securing data in the ‘web3’ age. Kwiktrust solves issues including security threats, expensive costs, and insufficient data throughout the due diligence process.

By reinventing how we store, secure, and access data, the Kwiktrust platform seeks to pave the way for the next generation of web 3.0 services. Kwiktrust appears to be well-positioned to set a new standard for legal document e-validation and data authentication by inventing creative methods to apply the best security and authentication structure using blockchain. To mention a few of the numerous goals for the coming months, Kwiktrust will launch its KTX utility token and a user dashboard for token staking and wallets, build SuperNFT cross-platform bridges, establish the tradeable SuperNFT, and enable the SuperNFT to be handled as collateral assets.