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MetaMask Unveils Bridge Aggregator for Moving Tokens Between Blockchains


MetaMask, a cryptocurrency wallet specialist, has launched Bridges, a new aggregator designed to allow users of its flagship Portfolio decentralized app (Dapp) to easily move tokens across chains.

“MetaMask Bridges is a bridge aggregator to help you find the best routes to move your tokens from one chain to another. Whether you’re being financially conscious or time efficient, you’ll find the best routing option in a few clicks,” the company said in a statement. 

“Similar to how flight aggregators help you find the cheapest and/or fastest flight, MetaMask Bridges helps you find the cheapest and/or fastest route, so you know you’re getting a good deal. All in one window, and all in our Portfolio Dapp,” according to MetaMask. 

According to MetaMask, the reasons for the company’s decision to launch its new solution are that the previous turbulent year “has been rife with bridge exploits,” putting many crypto users at risk.

“Your crypto needs a secure way to travel. The security question is always, “How can the other side be convinced in a secure way to release the correct token amount to the correct person?” and we take that into consideration every time we select a bridge aggregator and individual bridges,” according to the statement. 

According to MetaMask, its Bridges feature intends to provide clients with a smooth transition as they switch between chains, with the goal of providing a user experience that is “frictionless, intuitive, and convenient.”


The firm opted to integrate bridge providers in two tiers as part of the project: bridge aggregators and individual bridges.

Socket and LI.FI bridge aggregators offer direct integration. MetaMask also supports a number of specific bridges via Socket and LI.FI, including Connext, Hop, Celer cBridge, and Polygon Bridge. 

According to the organization, “We did extensive research to vet these bridges, with the goal of developing an objective framework to select those that met our high bar for security and decentralization. We’re not being paid by any of these bridges to be part of this product (though we may have other partnerships with them) and have selected them purely based on our evaluation of their design.”