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Madonna Bought Bored Ape NFT Worth Of $560,000

Madonna, the iconic singer/songwriter and actress, has joined the proud ranks of “ape holders,” flashing a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) non-fungible token (NFT) she purchased for $560,000 via fintech firm MoonPay on Instagram.

“I finally entered the MetaVerse…My very own Ape! What should I name her? Thanks, @moonpay,” Madonna wrote on her Instagram. “We all need protection from Evil Eye.”


According to OpenSea’s NFT marketplace data, MoonPay paid 180 Ethereum (about $564,660 at press time) for Madonna’s new coin, BAYC #4988. Prior to that, the ape was last traded for 46.5 Ethereum (about $155,000) in August.

Notably, speculations that Madonna is considering purchasing a BAYC have been circulating since at least January. Lindsey Byrnes, a BAYC holder at the time, tweeted at Madonna, pointing out parallels between her ape’s appearance and the singer’s “Justify My Love” album cover.

Furthermore, Madonna and BAYC share the same manager, Guy Oseary, thus it wasn’t surprising for the musician to get into contact with premium NFT apes sooner or later.

On Thursday, MoonPay also transferred another ape—BAYC #1506—to an unknown destination. Soon after, musician Wiz Khalifa changed his Twitter avatar to “jpeg.”