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Lily Allen Regrets Declining To Take Bitcoin Payment For A Online Show

Lily Allen, a pop musician, has expressed regret for declining to take Bitcoin payment for a gig.


About five years ago, the “Hard Out Here” singer Lily Allen was asked to perform on the 3D chat website Second Life from the comfort of her own home.


She declined the offer because the virtual currency was only worth a modest amount at the time and was only used for testing purposes in online games.


She regrets it now , since a single bitcoin is now worth $974 (£593), making “hundreds of thousands” a hefty fee to be rejected. If Allen accepted Second Life’s offer, her money could be worth more than 20 times her claimed £6 million.

The price has fluctuated since the first transaction using the currency took place in July 2010, when two Papa John’s pizzas were bought with 10,000 Bitcoins. Up until 2011, one unit was worth just 15p.


Last year, the value of one Bitcoin began at $13.30 (£8) in January and quickly climbed to $1,127.45 (£687) in early December.