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Justin Sun, The Founder Of Tron Received $110 Million From Binance

Justin Sun was said to be putting a huge amount of Ethereum on Binance on December 29th. According to data, Tron’s CEO deposited ETH into Binance on a regular basis during December 2021, totalling around 165,989 ETH worth nearly $592 million.


The question was why Sun was depositing such a large sum of Ethereum to the exchange.

Justin Sun came out to debunk all of the rumours and explain why $592 million worth of ETH was sent to Binance, claiming that the transactions were from internal deployment wallets and not for profit.

“Recently, the internal deployment of wallets has attracted market attention. We continue to be optimistic about the market outlook, and there is no situation that everyone has guessed. Regardless of Ethereum, TRON, and the entire blockchain industry, we are highly optimistic and will continue to build, and everyone will receive more heavy news next!”

After then, $50 million USDC was sent to the official circle account. The transactions can be viewed on the following websites:


Is he selling his Ethereum holdings on Binance with the $110 million he received from Binance? He transferred $592 million in ETH to Binance and earned $110 million in two days, indicating that the Ex Tron CEO is profiting.

Sun recently announced that he will step down as CEO of TRON in order to prepare to serve as Grenada’s new full-time ambassador to the World Trade Organization.