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Joe Rogan, The World’s Most Popular Podcaster, Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Joe Rogan, the world’s most popular podcaster and comedian, has received a $100,000 Bitcoin payment.

Joe Rogan, the most popular podcaster and comedian in the world, may have taken a $100,000 Bitcoin payment. The podcast host and MMA analyst has previously discussed Bitcoin on his show, and has even held dialogues with renowned Bitcoiners, but taking Bitcoin as payment represents a significant shift in his views.

Around 56 minutes and 30 seconds into the Joe Rogan Experience episode #1728, frequent guest and comedian Ari Shaffir boasted to fellow comics Mark Normand and Shane Gillis on behalf of their friend, “Joe received a deal for almost $100,000 dollars,” Shaffir claimed.

“It’s not American money,” Joe deflected, brushing off his fellow comics’ antics. “It’s all in Bitcoin.”

If this interaction is any indicator of Rogan’s view on Bitcoin, and if it is accurate that he was paid more than 1.5 BTC at today’s values, it represents a shift in his understanding of the world’s most reliable store of wealth.

In the past, Rogan has criticised Bitcoin as a “ponzi scheme,” which is an attitude many people make upon hearing about the success of Bitcoin’s early adopters before doing their homework on the composition of the leaderless, ungovernable commodity.

However, one of the internet legend’s more endearing and humanising characteristics is that he constantly revises his ideas on things throughout the episodes when confronted with new knowledge.

“One of the things that’s sort of great about the Cash App is that you can buy and trade Bitcoin with it,” Joe said in a February 2019 episode with Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, who is an incredibly vocal booster of Bitcoin.


Rogan then inquired whether Dorsey would permit the purchase and sale of crypto currencies other than Bitcoin on the site. Dorsey then discussed to Rogan how Bitcoin would become the internet’s native currency, the challenges that have strengthened it, and what will most likely lead Bitcoin to become a global store of value and reserve asset.


During that episode with Dorsey, Rogan discussed Bitcoin seriously as a disruptive technology, possibly for the first time since presenting early episodes with OG Bitcoin enthusiast and educator Andreas Antonopoulos. “This is yet another step toward a new way of doing things,” he said at the time. In the past, he has mentioned renowned Bitcoin educators such as Max Keiser on the show, expressing more than a passing interest at times.

People who have Bitcoin will welcome Joe Rogan’s acceptance of Bitcoin on any scale because of his reach, which is in some ways unquantifiable. It is believed that his podcast reaches more than 11 million people per episode. He has brought significant influence and unusual attention to the arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, elk hunting, archery, biohacking, humour, health and fitness, self improvement, clean eating, and podcasting in general over the years.

One can only hope that Rogan will continue to explore Bitcoin, learn the fundamental differences between it and other crypto assets, and share his Bitcoin journey with the rest of the world.