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Jack Dorsey To Build Decentralized Social Media


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has appointed bitcoin engineer and privacy expert Jay Graber to lead efforts to launch Bluesky, a decentralised social media network.


“I’m excited to take on this role and build the future of social media,” Graber said in a statement. She previously wrote an “ecosystem review,” shared by Bluesky in January, looking at similar technologies already in existence. “I look forward to partnering closely with Twitter as well as other companies as we embark on this journey — it won’t happen overnight, but we’ll share our progress along the way.”


According to Bluesky, they are “focusing on re-building the social web by connecting fragmented silos and giving consumers control over the social experience.”
Dorsey described Graber’s appointment as “another step toward decentralising Twitter and social media.”


“Now we can move far faster, and through code,” the CEO tweeted.
In the regular session on Monday, Twitter shares closed 1.6 percent lower at $63.78.

Dorsey’s ambition is to dismantle the barriers that exist across social media platforms by developing technology known as a protocol that would allow developers to draw on material from a number of sources. Posts from users on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, for example, might be integrated into features and services developed by people who do not work for any of those firms. However, this scenario is only achievable if both networks agree to utilise the same protocol. If Twitter adopts this method, the millions of tweets sent every day might be read via Twitter’s existing app as well as additional interfaces produced by developers using the protocol.

Bluesky is currently in its early stages, and it is uncertain how it will evolve or whether Twitter will use the technology that the project develops.