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It’s Never Too Late To Invest In Crypto


Stocks have statistically returned 8-11% every single year since the 1940s. Crypto has been soaring to higher lows every year, and it’s showing no signs of stopping now. All time highs are nice, and everyone loves when coin moons, but the real value with crypto investments is yearly returns. The technology that powers crypto gives it it’s value, and it’s only becoming more streamlined, mainstream, and stable.

crypto-investment is getting their own stadium named after them. If this doesn’t scream “invest now before it hits the banks” then I don’t know what does.

It’s coming, the future of crypto is coming and it’s certainly not too early.

To put things into perspective, would you go to a financial advisor and ask if it was too early to invest in stocks? Of course not, because the answer would always be “no”. It’s all about how long you plan to invest. 1 year in stocks won’t get you much, but 40 years in a 401(k) will leave you with an amazing retirement fund if invested properly. Time is your friend in stocks, and also in crypto.

Is it too late to invest in Tesla? Nope. Apple? Nope. Bitcoin? Nope. Ethereum? Nope. We’re just getting started, and even after the future is shaped by crypto it still won’t be too late.

It’s never too late, ever. Time in the market beats timing the market.