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It’s Almost Time For Cardano’s Alonzo Mainnet Hard Fork

The Alonzo Hard Fork has been one of the most talked-about and anticipated events in recent months. This is Cardano’s upcoming milestone. The one who will most likely alter the crypto landscape as we know it.


Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Cardano (ADA), has been very public about every update and stage related to this launch. However, the most significant news in this regard was made only lately.


This information relates to the date of the Alonzo mainnet’s launch. The date has been fixed for September 12, 2021. On this day, all Cardano blockchain users will have the pleasure of implementing their own smart contracts.

The long wait was necessary since the team wanted to assure the highest quality as well as the strictest security. They didn’t want to take one step forward and two back. As a result, after considerable study, the Cardano team devised a specific plan to deploy Alonzo’s mainnet.


This strategy was divided into phases. The Alonzo mainnet would not be ready for launch until the Alonzo testnet was finished. The testnets were launched in color-coded segments. It began with Alonzo Blue, then moved on to White, Purple, Red, and Black.


Each testnet deployment confirmed the correct operation of specific functionality. Alonzo’s team currently feels it is ready for its final mainnet launch. To emphasise, the most essential outcome of this hard fork is that users can now utilise Cardano as a smart contracts platform.

Let’s have a look at the specific functionalities that the testnets have proven. Alonzo Blue introduced smart contracts to over 50 technical attendees. These players remained in their roles as stake pool operators. Alonzo White enhanced the features.

It specifically recruited more technical participants. They collaborated to put the network through its paces. The testnet was then made available to the general public by Alonzo Purple. Users might create rudimentary smart contracts here, and then more complex ones later.


Finally, Alonzo Red and Black took control of locating and resolving bugs and other minor issues. They are the clean-up and wind-up personnel. It is critical that the testnets are completely bug-free before the mainnet launch, as tweaking the hard fork is not a realistic option in the future.


As a result, the Cardano team has taken its time to ensure that the mainnet is as ready as it can ever be before the full and final launch. Which, much to the delight of the crypto community, is almost here!

This is a heinous crime that Cardano’s new Alonzo hard fork can assist to prevent. Cardano is designed to be more scalable than Ethereum. It also employs a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus, as opposed to Ethereum’s current Proof-of-Work consensus (PoW).