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How To Protect Yourself From Fake Mining Hardware Sites

Due to the hype of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, bitcoin mining is also being a hot topic from time to time.

Scammers take advantage of this hype by scamming people online who are trying to buy Application-specific integrated circuit(ASIC) miners from manufacturers like Bitmain.

The scammer simply creates a fake website, lists some ASIC miners like Bitmain’s famous Antminer, and accepts bitcoin payments as bitcoin payments are non-reversible. The scammer simply takes the money and doesn’t ship anything to the buyer, effectively stealing the buyer’s money.

  • Scammers mostly spread their fake mining hardware websites through:

Google ads

Google search results

Social Media

  • How the scam works

-You search for a website to buy mining hardware.

-You come across a shady website claiming to sell mining hardware.

-You order one or a few, and you pay using bitcoin.

-The website owner runs away with your coins.

  • How to protect yourself

-If you’re planning on buying ASIC miners, it’s heavily preferred to buy from the main source.