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How To Protect Yourself From Clipboard (Copy & Paste) Hijacking Attacks

A clipboard hijacking attack is when a hacker gains access to your device’s clipboard, allowing the hacker to replace your clipboard with whatever the hacker wants.

A hacker could get the malware to be installed on your device through various methods that scammers use.

  • How the scam works

-You download and install the malware through a fraudulent website.

-The malware then waits till you copy a bitcoin address to your clipboard.

-Once you copy a bitcoin address to the clipboard, the malware then replaces the Bitcoin address that you copied with the hacker’s bitcoin address.

-You then paste the supposed address that you copied. (which is now the hacker’s address)

-You send the funds without double-checking the address.

-The hacker now has your bitcoin.

  • How to protect yourself

-Always think twice when opening websites and downloading software.

-Always double-check the address you’re sending your coins to.