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Get rich or die tryin

How Newcomers Get Into Bitcoin Rabbit Hole

  • Hear people talk about it for some time, but brush it off
  • Hear about it again and again, be intrigued
  • Search “What is Bitcoin” – don’t understand shit
  • Invest small amount because why tf not
  • Invest in other coins in top 50 because cool name and logo
  • Yeah value go up, buy more
  • Realize 99% off crypto projects will be worth nothing because of centralization
  • Sell altcoins
  • Begins to understand videos explaining Bitcoin
  • Understands Bitcoin will increase more in price
  • Why is this guy on YouTube telling me about economic history, I just want to learn more about Bitcoin
  • Learns about history off money
  • Learns about Bretton Woods-system, then the Nixon-shock
  • Research wtf happened in 1971, naaah that can’t be true
  • wait, dollars is not backed by gold
  • Understands Fiat money, naaah that’s fucked up
  • Become very interested in economics
  • Thinks I fully understand Bitcoin now and there no more to learn
  • okay there is much more to learn
  • Studies game theory, network effects
  • million forever
  • You realize you have only scratched the surface
  • Looks into philosophy and how Bitcoin not just changes the monetary system, but changes the world
  • Wait, Christianity is not about a big guy in the sky??
  • 1 BTC = 1 BTC = 100,000,000 SATS
  • Bitcoin standard will unite people
  • Automation will overtake, people will be free to do what they love
  • Work will be mostly out of charity
  • Bitcoin can’t be stopped
  • Bitcoin = freedom