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Gunna Spends $305k On Aped NFT

The latest rapper to buy a Bored Ape NFT is Gunna. Gunna can be seen buying the NFT via Moonpay and naming his ape Butta in a video posted to Instagram. He even got a tattoo of the same ape on his leg to commemorate the occasion.


The $305,000 purchase was marked by a brief performance by the 28-year-old rapper to commemorate the occasion. Gunna’s ape can be seen blowing into a Kazoo while wearing stylish aquamarine sunglasses.

On December 3, Gunna dropped another bag on a Kanye West-inspired chain for his friend Lil Baby’s 27th birthday. The “Drip Too Hard” collaborator is seen unboxing a glistening necklace with the names of his children – Jason and Loyal – embedded in the links in a video posted to Instagram on Tuesday (December 13). The chain looks similar to Donda’s release on Instagram in July.

The two rappers have always shared a strong bond. Lil Baby’s present comes after the 4PF rapper gave Gunna a $100,000 Air Jordan shoebox for his 28th birthday.


In November, Wunna went out with his crew to Atlanta’s Little Alley Steakhouse to celebrate another friend’s birthday, where he spent a lot of money. The YSL rapper and his pals racked up a $17,000 bill at the steakhouse, which included 33 shots of D’usse, which Gunna flaunted on his Instagram Story.

With a laughing emoji, the 28-year-old wrote, “This is how much it costs to eat with us.”