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Gamestop Is Looking To Hire A Team Of Nft & Web3 Experts

GameStop is looking to hire a number of positions aimed at propelling video game retail into the next frontiers of the internet.

On Monday, the meme stock icon posted eight job openings on its career page. Three product marketing directors for its NFT platform, three NFT software developers, and two Web3 gaming heads were among those hired.

In the job posting for its head of Web3 gaming, GameStop stated that it is searching for professionals who can “help advance the future of gaming and commerce.” In this future, games are the places to be, and play is determined by the items you bring with you. Future designers will not only create games, but also the components, characters, and equipment. Underlying commerce will be powered by blockchains. An ideal applicant will have experience in gaming, content creation, partnerships, game design/development/mechanics, and a broad grasp of and familiarity with Ethereum, NFTs, and blockchain-based gaming platforms.”

In May, the business launched GameStop NFT, indicating that it was looking to employ a team to establish a platform for the digital-asset industry. A GameStop official did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Web3 is the next generation of the internet, according to venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, and it includes blockchain, cryptographic protocols, digital assets, DeFi, and social media.

More than 8,000 Reddit users “upvoted” a post on the new GameStop jobs on r/Superstonk. “This listing is very literally Gamestop, as we predicted, being at the very head of the pack in converting cutting edge technology into widespread business use,” one Redditor remarked.

With the support of Chewy cofounder Ryan Cohen, GameStop management has made a drive to become the Amazon of gaming since the Reddit-fueled rally.

Shares of GameStop fell less than 1% early Tuesday, after closing 2.5 percent higher on Monday at $173.97.