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Financial Adviser Stole $1M BTC Of His Clients’ Money By Faking His Own Kidnapping

Police in Venezuela are looking for a guy accused of faking his own kidnapping and stealing more than $1 million in Bitcoin.

Andres Jesus Dos Santos Hernandez, a 23-year-old financial counsellor, is accused of stealing money from his clients.


Hernandez told the clients that his captors had forced him to deplete their accounts, according to Douglas Rico, who is leading the probe. Hernandez’s wanted poster has been shared on Instagram.

Although the authorities do not believe Hernandez’s kidnapping is credible, such incidents are not uncommon in the country.

His kidnappers then requested a ransom of 1.5 BTC, which was ultimately reduced to 0.5 BTC.

Unfortunately, his family was unable to raise this amount, only managing to raise 0.062 BTC.

According to Latamtrust, the victim was shot six times and his body was discovered the next day on a rural road.

Cryptocurrencies are proving extremely popular in Venezuela, despite catastrophic hyperinflation and crippling economic sanctions imposed by the US.