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Fan Tokens Is The Next Big Trend In Crypto


Fan tokens allow any brand in the world to let their fans pay a couple of $ to buy their own limited edition fan token in order to “be more than a fan”. A fan token is a branded digital token usually capped at a few million total supply. Owning the fan token for your team gives you the chance to win VIP prizes, get discounts, voice your opinion in official polls etc. What you can do with the fan token basically depends on what the team is willing to offer its fans.

Everyone in the world is a fan of some brand or another and paying $2 for a fan token in order to feel like your favourite brand is acknowledging you, and hearing your opinion, is guaranteed to catch on in my opinion. In fact, it already is, fan tokens are outperforming NFTs and they haven’t broken into the entertainment industry yet or really gone what you’d call mainstream.

Besides the usual “to the moon 🚀!” possibility that comes from owning a token, holders are being rewarded with the opportunity to meet their heroes, play football with their favourite team, play on their favourite team pitch, hold a private Q&A session with their team, vote on which retro merch should be reprinted for sale, vote on which song should be played in the stadium when their team scores etc. alone have introduced millions of sports fans to crypto, and they don’t scare users away by using the word “blockchain” anywhere on their homepage, even the word “cryptocurrency” is buried in a tiny font in the footer. Here are just some of their recent fan rewards:

  • Steelers player visits fan at his home & signs merch
  • Philadelphia Eagles fans rewarded with an exclusive tour
  • Everton fan token holders playing football with Everton FC
  • 3 Valencia FC fan token holders get to experience training day with their team
  • Win Davis Cup Tickets/Merch for fan token holders only
  • Signed Paris St Germain jersey giveaway to PSG token holders
  • Fans vote on which player should be the special focus on camera at the next training session
  • Trabsonspor fan token holders win tickets to match
  • Crystal Palace fan token holders win tickets to match
  • Arsenal fan token holders vote on which kit their team should wear in a match
  • Have dinner with the team boss Patrick Vierra
  • 49ers fan token holders get private behind the scenes stadium tour
  • Phoenix Suns fan wins playoff suite tickets
  • Miami Dolphins fans rewarded
  • Fan wins football match tickets

All of the above are just the tip of the iceberg and occurred in the last week or so.

These are fans engaging in crypto (whether they know it or not), and they’re receiving IRL benefits. When your favorite team announces a fan token, wouldn’t you throw a few quid towards it, just on the off chance that you get rewarded like those above? I’d love a WWE fan token even if it just gave me the opportunity to vote on match stipulations or who deserves a title shot etc, and if Guns N Roses dropped a fan token I’d be buying that shit immediately if it allowed me the chance to vote on which merch they release or which song they should reintroduce to their setlist etc. Possibly winning prizes on top of that would just be an added bonus really.

As the market gets bigger, more teams are signed, and more fans are rewarded, I think there will be a lot of speculators buying up the fan tokens purely to resell them to real fans for profit in the future – especially for those teams which really embrace their fan tokens and give away crazy life experiences.